Sterile Lancet
Product Name:

Sterile Lancet

Product Code: G-423L
  • Lancets 50 pcs in a pack
  • Well Protection Sterilized Lancet
  • Size/Weight - 72x52x52mm/box/37g

Packing: 200box/carton/11.8 kg/55.2x32.2x37cm
Test Strips
Product Name:

Test Strips

Product Code: G-423S
  • Test Strips 50 pcs (25pcs/Vial, 2 Vials per pack)
  • Strips for Use with Model G-423 Glucose Meter
  • Code Card Included

Packing: 200box/carton/13.6kg/ 42.5x36x39.5cm

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